Summer 2014


long time no post.   It’s been a busy summer.


Did some recording with my old pal Stu Kimball producing over at the Woolly Mammoth.  We recorded a talented gal named Liana Conway.  She’s a talented songwriter from the Boston area who is living down in Nashville nowadays.  Had John Sands on drums, and Jamie Edwards on keyboards.  Stu played guitar, and I played bass.  We did 5 or 6 songs, and I’d love to post a link to the stuff, but I don’t think it’s out yet.


Did a couple of new tracks with The Curtis Mayflower down at a studio in Rhode Island.  Pretty cool place.  Kinda reminded me of the old Woolly Mammoth…cement live room floors, nice iso booths.  Same mixing board that we have over at Woolly.  Lots of API gear, which actually worked for a change (that brand is always breaking at Woolly), and some cool Chandler mic preamp that has some knob on it that makes it kinda sound like tape.   Those guys did some overdubs at home, and sent me the tracks to mix.  As I was mixing the song that I’ll post a bit later in this post, I realized that there was a bit too much cymbal bleed on the lead vocal track (whole band was again live in one room), so we had to do an emergency overdub.  Luckily those guys had a gig in town, so Craig and Jeremy popped by the house before the show and Craig did 2 vocal takes.  We used take 2….one take, no punch ins.  The mix was done at my studio, again using the outboard gear I love to use so much.  Minimal plug ins, analog reverbs and delays.  The little vocal round that happens at the end of the tune was a nice little accident that happened when Craig re-did his vocals (I think….maybe he planned it)…

Here’s the link to their new tune:

Backtracking a bit, spent Memorial Day Weekend up in Maine, back at Anne Curtis’ farmhouse, this time recording Glenn Yoder and the Western States.  3 days, around 17 songs, more or less done live.  That record will be mixed in the fall, and I will probably dedicate an entire post to the making of that record.  Unfortunately, my phone crapped the bed after I got back from Maine and lost all of the photos I was going to post.  Hopefully I can get the fellahs and gal in the band to send me some stuff.  If you’re my facebook friend, I think you’ll be able to see this little snippet of a video from the session


Backtracking a bit further, the band Brother &Co. did a little recording over the colder months of the year.  Josh Pritchard is the brainchild of this project.  Andy Plaisted played drums and recorded the sessions.  Andy Santospago came in for the guitar slinging (which kicked ass!).  I played bass and some other odds and ends and mixed it.  Here’s the link to the 2 song EP:


Speaking of Andy Santospago, 2014 has been the Year of the Songwriter for him.  Andy is a very talented son of a gun…songwriter, musician and producer.  Every month he has been writing, recording and releasing a new song with a different lead vocalist (who I think is also the co-writer, but I’m actually not sure about that).  He’s gotten some of our local great talent for his efforts….too many to name here, but here’s a link to his page for this project. Lucky for me, I get to mix these tracks.  It gives me something to look forward to at the end of the month, as we’re always up against the 1st of the month deadline.  Just finished the latest song a few minutes before writing this..a cool rock anthem about being middle aged and being in a band.  Good stuff.


This wasn’t done this summer, but it came out this summer:   This album is by Seth Goodman, one of our local renaissance men.  He writes these really cool, more or less simple songs, but always throws a really interesting twist into all of them.  As in, if he were to play a I-IV-V chord progression, you can be sure that the IV chord is going to be IV#11flat13, or something like that.  The music to me is kind of like Bowie meets Dvorak.  Andy Plaisted and I shared the drumming duties on this record, and it was mixed back in the summer of 2013 at my studio, on my ancient pro tools 5.1 rig from 2001.  It’s a seriously kick ass record….heard it on vinyl, loud, in June for the first time since I mixed it, and it really blew me away.


There have been some other projects started over the summer, and I’ve gotten back involved with a couple of my favorite musical cohorts.  Can’t post about this stuff yet, but will most certainly update stuff as the projects get wrapped up.

I feel like I’m forgetting a few things here and there, but I’ve gotta run off and go outside while I have 3 hours.  Summer’s nearly over, and I’ve been in a dark studio for most of it (oh, I did go to Colorado!  That kicked ass!)Colorado.

Here’s a photo from somewhere out there.  Sorry gear nerds, no audio-dweeb photos today.


PS.  RIP Dave Alpert.  He was one of the most amusing people I’ve ever met and a talented singer-songwriter.  He passed away a few days ago.  He did a record that I mixed a couple of summers ago, but it was only recently, when he was very ill, that he managed to get his CDs printed up.  He handed them out from his hospital bed to his visitors.  I was lucky to get one.  You can listen and buy it here:





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