“He does not fuck around.”

It’s not every day, or even every month,  that I get mentioned in any kind of press….which is fine….I’m happy behind the scenes, but this popped up today in an interview with Rick Barton of the band Continental in the Noise…and it cracked me up!

Noise:  Let’s talk a little about the recording process for the new record.
Rick:  We did it at Woolly Mammoth with Dave Westner.  Dave is an incredible engineer and musician in his own right.  He made the process quite easy.  I recommend people work with him because he’s quick and efficient.  He does not fuck around.
Full entry here:

Rick and his son, Stephen, did a record with their band, Continental, with me back in the winter (I think).  They booked 3 or 4 days for basics and did half the record, then came back in the spring to do a couple of more days of overdubs.  The whole thing was done in 5 or 6 days, and maybe a couple of more for mixing and a day of mastering with Ian Kennedy over at New Alliance East.  They certainly had their shit together coming right off a European tour and zipping right in the studio.  They weren’t fucking around either.  Good stuff.
Here’s the band’s website:

More updates in a couple of weeks.  Have been too busy to write lately, but that quote was just too funny to not quickly mention.  Thanks Rick!


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