2014….Thanks everyone!

2014 was a really great year.  It has been the busiest year I’ve had since before the Great Recession started back in 2008 or so.

Lots of recording this year, and TONS of mixing, which is always my favorite thing to do.  I updated the “clients” page as best as I could remember….and I know I’m forgetting some folks on there…I apologize for that…if anyone actually reads this and notices that their record isn’t on there, please let me know and I’ll fix it.

In the studio world, I continue to do 99% of my recording over at Woolly Mammoth Sound.  Mr Minehan keeps updating the studio with more and more gear, and all of it good stuff.   Great sounding rooms over there, great piano, shitloads of guitar amps and a lot of cool drums.

As for my mixing studio, I have continued to upgrade it as much as I can afford.  The biggest upgrade was actually in October of 2013, when I updated the DAW to the latest greatest Pro Tools (after mixing on PT 5.1 for 13 YEARS).  I now have a lightning fast mac and nice Lynx converters, plus I’ve been adding esoteric outboard gear here and there, mostly compressors, but some EQ.  All really weird stuff that no “real” recording studio could get away with owning, but the stuff sounds absolutely incredible and it’s not your every day 1176s, La2a, SSL, or API stuff that costs a shitload of money.  It’s affordable stuff that has stood the test of time and the test of  my ears and really gives my studio a unique sound.  I do have a few “choice” pieces of gear as stuff of course…that I pretty much run everything through.  Good fun, stuff sounds great, and I usually bake bread while I’m working on a mixing project.  Yup, bread.  You can see photos of the bread often on facebook.

Other than that, gigs playing upright and electric bass, some live sound gigs with some great folks, and life continues to be fantastic.

See you all in 2015!  Hope to do some mixing for ya.


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