Here’s a Bucket—drop some names in!

2015 til now (Feb 19, 2016)…what a year-ish for recording.

Finally got to record Dennis Brennan, which I have been wanting to do since I saw him for the first time in 1995.

Martha Bourne came in with the Blue Ribbons for a few days of recording.

Continued work on the new Peter Wolf album, which will be out sometime in April of 2016.

Did some avant garde stuff with Jeremy Curtis’ new solo project called “Thank God For Science” with Marc Pinansky producing and a slew of incredibly talented musicians.

Did a country record with a duo called Cowboy and Lady with Jeremy Curtis producing and the Curtis Mayflower rhythm section, which will be out sometime in the next few months I reckon.

Kimon Kirk brought some interesting folks to Woolly:  David Champagne did some of his cool bluesy tunes with his ol’ pal Jimmy Fitting, and Amy Correia did a day of basics with some really talented folks.

Johnny Gray (one of my oldest pals) did a bunch of solo tunes.

The Rusted Bucket Band continued the journey of making their first album, which is coming along nicely.

Laurie Sargent and I recorded and mixed a record in two days, and I didn’t use a lick of compression on it.

Kenny White popped by to do some overdubs on his new record.

We did two days of horn and percussion overdubs on the new Klezwoods record…love those guys….record out in 2016?

Hayseed finished his record, which was started back in around 2006 at the old Hi and Dry studio.  He lives in Ohio.  Jimmy Ryan, Duke Levine and I recorded everything here in Boston, except his vocals, which he did at Musicol in Columbus with a great engineer named Keith Hanlon.  I mixed it at my own studio.  I have never met Hayseed in person, which is a first for me when doing a record.  I look forward to meeting him at the Grammy Party.

Was watching “Lie to Me” on Netflix (which is a goofy crime show) the other day, when all of a sudden, on pops “Cold Cold Wind” by Jabe, from a record we did back in 2001 at my folks lake house in Plymouth. Caught me waaaay off guard, but was very pleasantly surprised how good it sounded!

The Curtis Mayflower were in the studio a few weeks ago.  They mostly did the live thing again, although this time around there was some isolation for all of the players.  I reckon this will be wrapped up by May-ish….the fellahs are doing some overdubs at their own studios.

Amy Fairchild and her band were also in the studio a few weeks ago.  We are continuing work on their album as we speak.  Release date is June on that one I believe.

I mixed a TON of tunes at my studio.  Too many to remember, but some highlights are Brooks Milgate (solo record he’s working on), Little Sugar and The Big Spoonful (kickass blues band), Stone Toad (cool psychedelic rock band….no idea if this record has come out or not), a song or two for Sarah Borges, Tim Gearan (will be interesting when this one is all done…it’s going to get it’s own blog because of the unusual nature of recording this thing!)….there’s more, but my brain is broken at the moment.

I know I’m forgetting a load of other stuff too, but it’ll come to me eventually, probably when I mix it or someone hands me a CD or LP.  Anyway….off to Montana to record audio for a live video Laurie Sargent is doing.  Will be back by March!  Adios!






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