Just as I thought….

…..I haven’t updated this site in a year now.  Last blog entry was May 2016 and it’s now June 2017.

Lots been going on for sure.  I can’t even recall the half of it.

Some things that I can recall (and apologies to those that I can’t remember at the moment….I am going to update the credits page and will make sure there’s mention on there).

The big news is that Karina and I bought a house, and I now finally my very own proper mixing studio at my disposal.  I picked up a Pluto Plate reverb unit and some serious hi-fi studio monitors to sweeten the deal.  I love mixing in my new studio.  The results have been excellent.

The Curtis Mayflower released their sophomore release that we recorded at Woolly Mammoth.  Again, it was done live, although this time, there was separation of instruments and they did a bit more overdubbing this time around as compared to their first album, but not much.  The record is pretty much them, no trickery involved.

Tim Gearan and I did a record together, never having been in the same room at the same time while doing it.  He recorded himself and sent me his vocal and guitar, then I overdubbed bits and pieces on top of what he did and mixed it.  It’s a beautiful record called “Mostly Love”.

Andy Santospago has been on another brilliant musical roll as of late, this time doing something called AM Gold, which is comprised of songs that sound like they could have been on AM Top 40 in 1978.  Andy Plaisted has been producing it, I’ve been mixing. Good stuff.

Speaking of Andy Plaisted, he and I continue our fun (for me anyway….maybe I drive him crazy?) collaboration of he tracking/producing bands, and then sending me the tracks to be mixed.  He’s an excellent producer/engineer/drummer and we’ve done a few things in the past year or so.  Awaaz Do comes to mind at this moment….a really cool Indian rock/punk/pop band.

R.D. King is someone to keep an eye/ear on.  He just released his debut record that we recorded at Woolly called “Vs Self”.  It’s only he on acoustic guitar and a little bit of reverb.  Brilliant composer and player….he is the son of one of my longest running clients, Mark Kniffin, who has been making awesome records with me since 1999 with a project called Letterik.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Back in February of 2016, I flew out to Montana to record Laurie Sargent and Billy Conway for a video that Laurie was having made.  We did two days of shoots with no audience, then on the last night they put on a house concert for about 70 or so people and we recorded and filmed that too.  The day after the shoot, Laurie, Billy and I did a little fun recording, of which two tracks will be released on her new record that will be out sometime in the next few months (she came into Woolly for a week back in March with Jeremy Curtis, Billy and Ian Kennedy and we cut a whole record….it’s really good!)

The Rusted Bucket band continues their journey of slowly but surely putting a record together.  Russell Turnquist fronts that band…he is quite a force and surrounds himself with some really great guys in the studio.

Danielle Miraglia and the Glory Junkies (Chris Anzalone, Jim Larkin, Laurence Scudder and Erik White) were in a couple of times over the last 6 months and we cut 80% of her new record.

John Cate and the Van Gogh Brothers have popped by a few times to cut a few tunes.  John is out in LA, so we’ve had to do a lot of this remotely with him cutting a guide track in LA, sending it to us to overdub, then it goes back out there for finishing.

Amy Fairchild and Adam Steinburg put together a beautiful record called Nobody’s Satellite.  Took most of the year, but it was well worth the time spent.

One of the weirder things that we did this year (we being the royal we I guess) was to cut some country tunes to be sung by Kevin Bloody Wilson.  You probably only care about this if you are an Aussie.  I didn’t know who he was, but Karina sure as hell did.

Glenn Yoder and the Western States did a new record at the Armory Sound last summer.  3 days, 12 or so songs.  Mixed at my studio in the fall.  Jeremy Curtis, Brooks Milgate, Chris Anzalone and Jeff Katz are the band members.  It’s really great that record.  Pretty much live in the studio with not much fuss.

Speaking of Brooks Milgate, he cut another side of an LP for his stoner rock project. It’s not out yet, but it’s VERY cool.  Nobody was stoned during the making of the record fwiw.

Susan Catteneo cut a few tracks with me over the course of last year.  Her record will be out soon…..I didn’t mix it, so haven’t heard it yet!

Hazel Royer, Eric Royers teenage daughter, recorded her debut record last year at some point.  It was her, her dad and Chris Anzalone playing/singing a bunch of her songs.  They cut the whole thing in 4 hours!  Yes, 4 hours.  I mixed it the next day as fast as I could and mastered it the day after that.  Hazel sings and plays upright bass with the best of them.

That’s all for now…sick of typing and need to go learn some music for a gig tomorrow.  Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone, or misspelled anyone’s name.  Let me know!




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