Tim Gearan-Mostly Love

Between August 2015 and the end of 2016, Tim Gearan and I made a record together without ever actually being in the same room at any point in the recording of this record.  In fact, the major component of this record (Tim), I didn’t even record…..he did it himself with some high quality piece of audio equipment called an iPhone.

Yup.  An iPhone (Apple, start sending the endorsements any time).

Tim wanted to come by to record some songs so he could have them for reference, or to keep a record of, and we were joking around while we were talking about him coming by, and I said, “fuck it, record it on your phone!”  He was like, “seriously?!” and I said, “Why not….worst that will happen is it will sound kinda crappy”.

So, a week or so later an MP3 shows up in my inbox.  It was him playing and singing a song (Bicycle Girl I think) and he asked me to check it out and see if I could make it sound a little better.  So I put it in Pro Tools, added some multi-band compression and reverb, then accidentally recorded several overdubs (I had no intention of playing anything, but got carried away) and mixed it and sent it back to Tim.  He loved it!

So we carried on in this fashion for about a year or so…he’d send me a tune, and when I had a spare day, I would overdub pretty much whatever I wanted onto the tunes (Tim did give some guidance, usually saying,”maybe some piano on that”), mix it and send it back.  With few exceptions, the mix I did the day I overdubbed was the mix on the record.

There were only two hiccups…I had to send one tune back to Tim with a request that he re-record it because it sounded like he was across the room (turns out he recorded it in his bathroom….he redid it and it and it sounded better).  And there was another tune that I did a part that Tim didn’t like, so I took it out (can’t remember which song or what part, but I was on the fence about it too, so no biggie).

Tim played guitar and sang the lead vocal.

My sister, Liz Westner, played the viola on “No Sugar”.

I did everything else….keyboards, guitars, percussion, harmonica, background vocals….I can’t remember what else there is, but if it’s not Tim or my sis, it’s me.


All in all, a very easy and fun project to do and it’s chock full of great songs, but here’s my personal favorite

We’re working on a new record as I sit here and type.  Hope to have it done by March or so.


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