July 2018 update…whee!

As usual, it’s been months since I’ve done an update.  I get busy and don’t think about posting.  I am going to keep this brief as I have to start a session.  Thanks to all of my clients for recording with me.  Love you all!

Business has been humming along for the past six months or so.  Loads of fun projects.

I have been slowly but surely adding equipment to my personal studio.  I now have a nice rack of budget compressors and EQs.  I have purposely refrained from buying expensive gear in most cases in an effort to keep my rates low.  I do have a few channels of very high end mic preamps, but most of what I have picked up over the past year or so has been stuff that no audio snob would ever consider buying because the gear isn’t a name brand.  I am quite spoiled at Woolly Mammoth which David Minehan has equipped with all of the drool-worthy gear, but I am quite frankly flabbergasted at the quality of sound some of the no or low name brand audio gear.  I have a compressor here that I paid $125 for that will rival some of the $3000 pieces.

One item that I didn’t skimp on is reverb units.  I have never been happy with the reverbs that are available for Pro Tools.  I saved my pennies and had Ed Riemer build me one of the Pluto Plate plate reverbs the he and I spent months designing.  That in combination with my Master Room spring reverb and a crappy old Yamaha Spx990 cover 99.9% of the artificial reverb I use when mixing.  I also have some very nice acoustics in my personal studio, and will occasionally record sounds thru the speakers for a bit of natural verb.  Bass and organ tracks seem to benefit from this process most.

The other piece of news is that I recently regained possession of my trusty old Allen and Heath System 8 mixing board, which I will be installing in the personal studio as soon as possible.  It will allow me to have many many more channels of mic preamps and EQ at my disposal.  It should help speed up the mixing process and open up a variety of new sonic possibilities.   Audio dweebs will scoff at it because it doesn’t say “Neve” on it, but dammit, it’s a very good sounding console and I’m looking forward to using it again.  I bought the thing in 1995 or so and basically cut my teeth on the thing.  It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it has excellent sounding EQ and I remember liking the sound of it quite a bit more than a lot of the fancier boards I have used over the decades.  I haven’t had it in my possession since around 2006, when Woolly moved from the Fenway to Waltham.


Name dropping (in order of my memory of events):

Jamie Walker has started working on a new record.

Dino Cattaneo did a song and video for his darling wife Susan for their 25th wedding anniversary.  It made me cry it was so sweet.

Journeyman Jim Coyle has been in working on an LP that’s almost finished.

My pal Josh Pritchard (calling himself Bad Person) wrapped up his new record in May after 3 years of recording.   It’ll be out in September and it is unlike anything I’ve worked on before.

Michael Hayes has been releasing new material with his project called Vinyl Skyway

Andy Santospago keeps pumping out a new song about ever 6 weeks or so.  Great stuff that’s kind of 70s influenced that he’s calling AM Gold.

Rick Barton and Continental band have released some new material that I mixed.  Their drummer Andrew Dickson recorded the stuff and he did a great job!

Greg Klyma is just about finished with a new record (I have to mix it this week!)

Eric Ducoff came in with his band and did a cool psychedelic blues record that we just wrapped up a few days ago.

The Very is on the verge of finishing another EP…they are a cool punk-ish band that I really like.

Brooks Milgate offered up a few new tunes for me to mix…..he’s the keyboard player from the Curtis Mayflower and his solo stuff is killer!

Jimmy Ryan, Ed Riemer and I cut a new Jimmy song not too long ago called “Brave Brave Gun”.  It’s reminiscent of a band we had several years back called Le Mistral that sadly only did one record before imploding.

I did some mixing for a band called Krewe de Roux… New Orleans style stuff.

John Cate and the Van Gogh brothers did a few recordings over at Woolly.

The Blue Ribbons are getting close to finishing the record they started recording about 2 years ago.  It’s good.  Very good.

Thank God For Science, one of our local super groups who does cool experimental music has been plugging away at wrapping up he record they started recording back in the fall of ’17.

I finally got to record with Brian Templeton.  I’ve known him since the old House of Blues days in the mid 90s and always really liked the guy.  It took over 20 years for us to be in the same studio together and I really enjoyed it.

Bob Bradshaw did a few more songs with his band over the past couple of months… went by rather quickly, but what a blast!  Videos will be coming out soon.

I did a bunch of sessions with Lori Haigh over the past few months….she’s one helluva songwriter and a blast to work with.

Tim Gearan and I are plugging away slowly but surely on his new record.  I was hoping to have it done back in March, but things got busy.  I am now shooting for August as the finishing date.


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