Sound Engineering | Music Production | Mastering Engineering | Sound Reinforcement | Drummer | Percussionist | Bass Guitarist | Guitarist | Keyboardist   Vocalist  

I have worked as a recording engineer for over 20 years with a wide array of artists and different music genres and I am a musician so I have both the technical & creative expertise along with a true understanding of what it takes to make music so rest assured there is no aspect of your music needs which I do not understand.  In studio sessions I’ll respect your time & money as if they were my own as I totally understand budgetary constraints so I offer competitive & flexible rates to meet all kinds of budgets & recording requirements.  For times I work both day & night so I can schedule sessions to work around your personal timetable, the day sessions generally start around 11am an the evening sessions begin at 8pm.  I mainly work out of Woolly Mammoth Sound in Waltham, which is an excellent studio owned by David Minehan, my brother in audio.  Woolly is very  well equipped & extremely well maintained and has a relaxed chilled vibe & creature comforts that are unusual for such a professional high tech studio.

I am passionate about original music & singer songwriters so if you have a great song you want to record but don’t necessarily have a band to back you up or your missing a few key players its fine, I can take care of that aspect for you if I can’t do it myself then I have a long list of very talented people who play all kinds of instruments that can.

I’m flexible so I can do anything from engineering your record for you, producing it or just mixing it down.

I’m a quick mixer, usually getting songs sounding great in a fairly short amount of time (that live sound training paid off—-thanks Greg Hanawalt!).  I offer a mixing & mastering service so you can bring me or email me the tracks you recorded at home at Electric Ladyland or anywhere in between.  If you have finished mixes that need that final touch I can work a little master engineering magic for you.

The scope of my work sometimes goes beyond recording bands & individual artists I have worked with different companies over the years to write & recorded music for promotional videos, theme songs for society events, church music recordings & assisting with song writing so if you have a special project that requires some music, recording or special sound then drop me a line.