As I sit here in 2016 adding to this list of credits, I’m simply amazed at the amount of recording I’ve done over the years and I’m proud that I’ve done work in so many styles of music.  I know this list is incomplete because I simply cannot remember all of the projects I’ve done over the decades…I have a recollection of doing a slew of Cape Verdean music, jazz, hip hop, stoner rock, musique concrete, reggae, metal and some other genres but unfortunately, those project names have been lost to time.  If anyone reading this is someone that I’ve worked with in the past and you don’t see your name on the list, PLEASE get in touch….it would be great to hear from you!

 Cowboy and Lady  Album  2016  recording, mixing
 Cheryl Wheeler  Single  2016  recording, mixing
 Klezwoods  2016 release  2016  recording
 Peter Wolf  A Cure For Loneliness  2016  recording, mixing
 Dennis Brennan  Into This World  2016  recording, upright bass
 Thank God for Science  Thank God For Science  2016  recording, mixing
 Little Sugar and the Big Spoonful  Little Sugar and the Big Spoonful  2016  mixing, recording, guitar, percussion
 Kenny White for 2016 release  2015  recording
 Mark Kraus  The Story of Everything  2015  mixing
 Jimmy Ryan Shout About It single  2015  mixing, recording, drums, bass, guitar
 Laurie Sargent Visitation rites  2015  mixing, recording
 Soundscape  Earthbound 2015  mixing, recording
 Glenn Yoder and theWestern States Blood Red Moon 2015  mixing, recording
 Hayseed  2016 release  2015  recording, drums, bass, guitar, production
 Michael Spaly  various songs  2015  mixing
 Mark Kraus  2015 release 2015  mixing
 Amy Fairchild  Amy Fairchild  2014  recording, mixing
 Andy Santospago Various Songs for Year of the Horse  2014  mixing, mastering
 Josh Buckley  Blind Side of the Heart  2014  mixing, mastering, many misspellings of my name on this album.  Hilarious.
 Continental Band  Milionaires  2014 recording, mixing
 Brother and Company  Sacred Object  2014  mixing, recording, bass, percussion, keyboards
 Liana Conway  5 song EP 2014  mixing, recording, bass
SethGoodman untitled 2013 Recording, mixing, drums, percussion.
Mandomania untitled 2013, 2016 release Producer, recording, mixing, mastering, drums, percussion, mandolin, Roland Space Echo.
Catie Curtis & Kristin Hall Flying Dream 2013 Recording
The Curtis Mayflower Everything Beautiful is Under Attack 2013 Recording, Mixing
Laurie Sargent Little Dipper and the Shooting Star 2013 Guitar, percussion, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering
Jimmy Ryan Readville 2013 Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Producer Mixing, Engineering, Mastering
Alley Stoetzel What We’ve Been Up To 2012 Drums, Bass, Guitar, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering
Dave Alpert My World View 2012 Mixing
Eskimo Choir 2012 Engineer
Gino Caria Gino Caria 2012 Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Jen Grygiel It Gets Better 2012 Engineer, Producer, Mixing, Mastering
Jenna Near 2012 Engineer, Mixing
Letterik Several Albums 2012 Engineer, Mixing
The Blank Attack 2012 Engineer, Mixing
Tori Pyne Tori Pyne 2012 Bass, Vocals, Engineer, Producer, Mixing, Mastering
UNDO Several Albums 1999 onwards 2012 recording, mixing
Jimmy Ryan Various Singles 2011 Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
Katherine Park Various 2011 Engineer, Mixing, Drums, Guitar, Bass
Le Mistral Le Mistral 2011 Producer, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork
Sam Reid and the Riot Act A Slow Burn 2011 Engineer, Mixing, Producer
The Bag Boys Four Kinds of Pie 2011 Engineer, Mixing
The Throttles Throttles 2011 Engineer, Guitar, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Producer
Jimmy Ryan Mandolin 2010 Mastering
Jonathan Pape Every Five Years 2010 Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Drums
Art Cousins 2008 Drums, Engineer
Andy Santospago Tiny Problems 2007 Drums, Mixing
Jay Torian Various 2007 Drums, Bass, Engineer, Mixing
Leo Blais Several 2007 Drums, Engineering
Medina Sod Trace Back the Lines 2007 Mixing
Session Americana Beer Town: The Table Top Collection, Vol. 3 2007 Engineer
Various Artists Cape Cod Covers, Vol. 2: The Beatles 2007 Drums
Bow Thayer Maintenance for Mood Swings 2006 Drums, mixing (uncredited)
David Rovics Halliburton Boardroom Massacre 2006 Bass (Upright), Drums, Engineer, Guitar (Electric), Mastering Engineer, Mixing
Paula Kelley Some Sucker’s Life, Pt. 1 2006 Engineer
The Acro-Brats …Go Down Swinging! 2006 Engineer, Mixing
The Jimmy James Gang Welcome to the Real World 2006 Bass, Drums, Engineer, Guitar (Electric), Mastering Engineer, Mixing, Percussion, Producer
The Resophonics Several Albums til 2006 2006 Engineer, Mixing
Dropkick Murphys Warrior’s Code 2005 Engineer, Mixing
The Brett Rosenberg Problem Speed Metal From Montreal 2005 Engineer
The Collisions Talk Is the New Action 2005 Mixing, Overdubs, Spanish Guitar
Dropkick Murphys Tessie [EP] 2004 Engineer, Mixing
Reckless Daughter Reckless Daughter 2004 Producer
The Weepies Happiness 2004 Engineer
Various Artists Public Display of Affection: The Sounds of Independent Radio 2004 Producer
Jeff Harris Band Lemon Yellow 2003 Engineer
The Benders Mountain Radio 2003 Engineer, Mixing, Producer
The High Ceilings Edge Is as Safe as the Ground 2003 Engineer
Freds Bowling Ball Bliss 2002 Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Artwork
Jabe Drama City 2002 Drums, Engineer, Mixing, Percussion, Producer, Vocals
Peter Wolf Sleepless 2002 Engineer, Mixing, Recording Engineer
Rick Barton American Rock Song 2002 Engineer, Mixing
Shelley Winters Project I Hate Everything But You 2002 Mixing
Ad Frank Mister Fancypants 2001 Producer
Little A Scene 2001 Assistant Engineer, Engineer, Mixing
Paula Kelley Nothing/Everything 2001 Engineer
Peter C. Johnson Bloodshot 2001 Engineer
Phil Aiken Don’t Look Down 2001 Engineer
Shelley Winters Project Shelley Winters Project 2001 Assistant Engineer, Mixing
Make Lisa Rich Another Venus 2000 Mixing
Various Artists Can You Read This Boston? 1999 Engineer
The Pills Wide Awake with the Pills 1998 Engineer
Various Artists Girls Girls Girls [Curve Earth] 1997 Engineer, Producer
Post Mortem Destined for Failure 1993 Engineer