I have some pretty neat gear at my fingertips from the latest and greatest technically advanced to some vintage & old school equipment that I combine together to produce great sounds to suit your music style. The studio has a kick ass drum room that sounds much larger than it is so often it gets used on mixdown as an acoustic chamber. There’s an isolation room just off of the control room which mainly gets used for guitar amps, but is also quite a nice “dead room” that can be used for vocals, acoustic guitar, or even drums. In the piano room sits Mark Sandman’s old Hume Grand Piano within easy reach of the piano is a Fender Rhodes and a Hammond A-102 organ. In the control room we have a fabulous mint Hammond B3, which we hook up to a Leslie 145. If drums are your weakness, there are racks of snares a forest of drums and about half a ton of really great cymbals, picked out specifically because they all translate really well on records. There is also a farm of amps (all the good stuff that guitar gear-heads drool over) & a great guitar selection (Les Pauls, Teles, Strats etc) along with loads of percussion pieces that create an array of interesting sounds. The control room was set up to be less of a traditional control room, and more of a living room with a studio in it so you will find it much more comfortable and conducive to creativity than most studios. We are running the latest versionof Pro Tools with fancy shmancy digital I/Os we also have a well maintained 2″24 track tape machine, plus an Ampex ATR 102 1/2″ mixdown deck that really serves as the icing on the mixdown cake.  You will also find a nice collection of top notch digital reverbs (Lexicon, Yamaha, Bricasti), plus the new old school mechanical Pluto Plate reverb (real reverb!).Rounding out the ambient effects are an amazing Roland Space Echo tape delay and the most incredible sounding spring reverb you’ve ever heard in your life!