Here’s a Bucket—drop some names in!

2015 til now (Feb 19, 2016)…what a year-ish for recording. Finally got to record Dennis Brennan, which I have been wanting to do since I saw him for the first time in 1995. Martha Bourne came in with the Blue Ribbons for a few days of recording. Continued work on…

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Why you probably shouldn’t record with compression

These days, with 24bit recording, there’s just no need to compress whatever it is you’re recording.  Back in the olden days, with tape, there was a need.  You needed to compress the signal to help fit your audio in that dynamic range of tape between total tape hiss and overload…

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How to prep files for mixing

When sending tracks for mixing, please try to follow these guidelines.  It will help avoid confusion. 1) Name your tracks simply.  I don’t need to know that it’s “Barry’s Rickenbacher Lapsteel Guitar Left”, or “Drum Room Mid Side Ribbon 2”.  Simple is better because when there’s 72 tracks on the…

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Why bother mixing for mono?

Just heard a song by someone.  Great little tune, nice wide stereo field.  Sounds really good.  Until you hear it in mono.  Then all the guitars disappear.  Gone.  Who cares?  Who listens in mono?   Well, because as recording/mixing engineers, our job is to make sure that our products sound as…

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2014….Thanks everyone!

2014 was a really great year.  It has been the busiest year I’ve had since before the Great Recession started back in 2008 or so. Lots of recording this year, and TONS of mixing, which is always my favorite thing to do.  I updated the “clients” page as best as…

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