Online Upright Bass overdubs

I thought I’d offer this as a service. I have a lovely 1978 Engelhardt upright bass that I regularly play gigs with. I can offer for $50/song an overdub on your song. Here’s what I can and can’t do with it: I can definitely do bluegrass, rock, simple jazz (nothing…

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John Cate and The Van Gogh Brothers on NCIS 3/18/14

So, a few weeks ago, John Cate, who is one of our favorite clients over at the studio, gave me a call to ask if I could do an “emergency session” for him.  He said he had placed his song, “When the Phone Don’t Ring (I’ll Know It’s You)”, which…

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Recording The Curtis Mayflower Pt3

So, as I mentioned before, this is where you can go to listen and buy the record I’ve been babbling on about This bit of the blog is about the mixing of said record. After the treacherous trip back from Maine in the unexpected (to me) snowstorm, I returned…

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