At “work”.

Photo by Sarah Miller 11/4/14 with the Baker Thomas Band

“He does not fuck around.”

It’s not every day, or even every month,  that I get mentioned in any kind of press….which is fine….I’m happy behind the scenes, but this popped up today in an interview with Rick Barton of the band Continental in the Noise…and it cracked me up! Noise:  Let’s talk a little…

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Summer 2014

Howdy, long time no post.   It’s been a busy summer.   Did some recording with my old pal Stu Kimball producing over at the Woolly Mammoth.  We recorded a talented gal named Liana Conway.  She’s a talented songwriter from the Boston area who is living down in Nashville nowadays.  Had…

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More on the Pluto Plate Reverb

Here’s the site If you’re thinking about buying one, do it.  You’ll love it. It’s been a couple of years since this cool piece of gear was released, and I figure it’s time to elaborate a little bit about it. I have been using two of the Pluto Plates…

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Online Upright Bass overdubs

I thought I’d offer this as a service. I have a lovely 1978 Engelhardt upright bass that I regularly play gigs with. I can offer for $50/song an overdub on your song. Here’s what I can and can’t do with it: I can definitely do bluegrass, rock, simple jazz (nothing…

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