Studio update

For the past 12 years, I’ve been doing a great deal of work on an old TDM Mix Plus Pro Tools v5.1 setup, which has actually run without any major hiccups since late 2000.  Hard to believe in this day and age that anything digital can remain valid for such…

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A Dave Westner record….

…..can be found here. Some stuff I’ve been working on for the past 18 months or so. Kudos go to Ed Riemer, who played upright bass on “Rhythm in Blue” and electric bass on “Sailing” and recorded a bunch of the drum parts at his studio. And to my…

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It’s been a busy couple of months.

Was over at Hi and Dry studio a few times in December, making a record with some of my favorite people…Billy Conway and Laurie Sargent were back in town to record a new record.  Billy, as many of you know, was the longtime drummer in Morphine, and for many years has been a musical/production hero of mine, and he’s just an all around great guy.  Laurie is an amazing person as well as an amazing musical artist.  The two of them have been hiding out in Montana being cowboys and organic farmers.  But there were back for a week of music making in the studio.  Stu Kimball, Jeremy Curtis and David Champagne rounded out the band.  There were a few guest artists as well.  The album was mixed in my home studio and sounds great.  Hopefully it’ll get put out in the near future.

Got to play bass on a session a couple of weekends ago with two identical twin brothers, Josh and Jay Pritchard.  Andy Plaisted played drums.  This was unusual for me because those guys had booked Q-Division Studio before I had gotten involved, so in an unusual turn of events, I wasn’t doing any engineering!  It was a pleasant experience, and those guys have some excellent tunes.  They go by the name of Brother and Company.

On top of these couple of things, plus some other great sessions, including a few by one of my favorite studio bands, Letterik, I’ve been getting my chops together on my newly acquired upright bass.  I’m currently doing two regular gigs per week:  Sunday at the Burren and Monday at Atwoods.  Good stuff.

As per usual, I’ve done a few gigs with Jimmy Ryan and Tim Gearan.  More good stuff.

cheers for now.

This guy…..

This guy is a hell of a singer, and he’s got a hell of a band.  Here’s something we mixed at Woolly Mammoth and a review of the tune   He was on some TV show called “The Voice”, which I’m sure most of you have heard of….I…

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An Evening with D.W. Fearn

On July 31st, 2012, Mr Doug Fearn, owner and designer of high end audio company, DW Fearn did a little seminar at Woolly Mammoth Sound.  He flew himself up in his Piper (we engineer/pilots are a rare bunch, and those of us that have the intitals, “DW” gotta stick together) and…

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