This guy…..

This guy is a hell of a singer, and he’s got a hell of a band.  Here’s something we mixed at Woolly Mammoth and a review of the tune   He was on some TV show called “The Voice”, which I’m sure most of you have heard of….I…

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An Evening with D.W. Fearn

On July 31st, 2012, Mr Doug Fearn, owner and designer of high end audio company, DW Fearn did a little seminar at Woolly Mammoth Sound.  He flew himself up in his Piper (we engineer/pilots are a rare bunch, and those of us that have the intitals, “DW” gotta stick together) and…

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What’s Happened Lately?

Jeez, some cool stuff has been going on.  Been playing a lot of gigs lately with Mr Mandolin, Jimmy Ryan.  Played a couple of em over at Atwoods in Cambridge, one on the Waterfront in a park in East Boston.  Doing some recording with him as well…he should have a…

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Pluto Plate Reverb

This is an awesome new plate reverb that was recently built by my buddy Ed Riemer, and is now for sale comments and such here: